The Natural Landscape trucks and snow plows

The Natural Landscape Winter Services Division owns and operates a complete fleet of snow removal equipment. In addition, we utilize a comprehensive regional network of subcontractors to maximize efficiency. This network allows us to keep lower operating costs and take on any project — large or small.

Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold

Be prepared for winter with a Winter Storm Management Program from The Natural Landscape

  • Our consistent site specific dispatch with specialized equipment provides a safe, uninterrupted workplace for both employees and customers
  • Our 24-hour hotline means real-time snow and ice management of properties
  • Significantly reducing exposure to fraudulent slip and fall claims with a thorough plan gives owners and managers peace of mind and control over their properties
  • The proper use of de-icers can often eliminate the need to plow during small storms – virtually melting snow as it hits the ground.
  • Our proprietary treated salt makes safer parking areas and walkways, as well as cleaner buildings and lots for our customers and their tenants
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Services we offer
  • Plowing with specialized heavy equipment
  • Walkway and pavement de-icing
  • Sidewalk shoveling and clearing
  • Bulk salt sales and delivery (Green•Melt and white rock salt)
  • Snow removal/trucking (off site/on site)
We will make sure you are prepared for winter!

Let’s talk… The Natural Landscape can have a customized proposal for all your snow and ice removal needs to you within 24 hours.

The Natural Landscape Commercial Snow Division offers a variety of contracts and services to suit your needs

(properties less than 3.5 acres)

  • A push is one clearing of the premises. Each push is an individual charge.
  • Provides site specific storm planning providing snow services when crucially needed and saving cost during
    off hours.
  • De-icing is charged on a per application basis.
  • Equipment will be used to stack and move snow if needed in order to maintain safety and capacity of parking areas.
  • Additional services snow and ice response plan can be added at anytime.

(properties larger than 3.5 acres)

  • An event is a continuous storm within a 24-hour period. Each event is an individual charge.
  • Equipment will be assigned specifically to that property.
  • Limits exposure to liability by maintaining fire lanes and passable aisles at all times with proper equipment and personnel on or near site for the entire storm.
  • De-icing is charged on a per application basis.
  • Additional services snow and ice response plan can be added at anytime.

(available for all properties)

  • A seasonal contract offers all-inclusive services with a fixed price no matter how much or how little snow falls during the season.
  • Seasonal contracts mean regular payments so owners, managers and tenants can project budgets.
  • All plowing and de-icing services are included in the snow and ice response plan.
  • Additional services snow and ice response plan can be added at anytime.
Additional Services

The Natural Landscape offers services in all aspects of snow and ice management. We have the personnel, equipment and network to offer any type of de-icing, snow clearing or heavy equipment/trucking services you may require. What are your needs?

Certified Snow Professionals (CSP)

24-Hour Dispatch

Real-time Storm Management

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